Blog Post 1: A New Beginning

Hello! Before I get started, let me cover a couple of things. This being my first blog post, it may be a little longer than future publishings.  Also, I’ll break my posts up into different days of the week for ease of reading.  Let’s get started!


OSU Banner
This day was devoted to finishing up my first quarter at Oregon State University with my final test! I am now 1/8 through my Computer Science education and am excited to keep moving forward!

Tuesday – Wednesday:

WordPress Logo
These days were taken up creating the website you see here and tweaking it to get it to look just the way I want (I think I still have a little more tweaking to do.).  Took a little longer than I thought at first as this was my first website I’ve ever created on my own.  A lot of time went into how to get a certain button here, how to remove that side bar there, and ways to get around restrictions of a free service to make it look a little more professional.  Overall I’m happy with the results and hope you are as well!

Thursday – Friday:

Now, down to the nitty-gritty of my project updates.  Because my most recent updates were on my Battleship project, I have chosen to complete this game first.

To start, this game was originally designed in BlueJ, which was a helpful learning tool, but very difficult to use for larger-sized programs.  Therefore, my first line of action was to move my entire project over to Eclipse, which I felt was a good IDE to expand to for furthering my knowledge.

BlueJ to Eclipse Logo

Things went better than I expected and I was able to transfer my project over without it completely breaking!  Granted, I had to fix some inconsistencies here and there, but overall the game worked as it did when I turned it in at the end of May!

Before working on improving the functionality, I cleaned the code up a lot and trimmed the fat.  This helped keep things organized in the code and in my brain which keeps me sane.

The last update I was able to complete this week was revamping the look of the scoring window for a hit counter on each player.  Originally, it was programmed to output in the console window and looked something like this:

Old Scoring Window

It served its purpose well, but could not work for an actual game.  Mirroring my main menu, I kept the same font and color theme, but now have a fully operation scoring window!  This keeps track of Battleship hits with both the 2-Player and the Computer game type.  The result of this experiment can be seen below:

Updated Scoring Window

Next week I plan on continuing to work on improvements to this game including:

  • Game optimization
  • Clearer Player messages of events in-game
  • Creating an applet from the game to give you guys something to test

Long-term goals for this project (may be this week or later):

  • Extra game modes
  • Improved graphics
  • Sound!

Even longer-term goals

  • Bring “The Quest” up to speed and improve functionality
  • Create new, interesting game types akin to Legend of Zelda
  • Move on to new and exciting projects!

Thanks for stopping by!  The next blog posts will probably be more direct than this as I get a feel for blogging, but let me know your thoughts on anything in which you have questions or comments!


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