Blog Post 3: Back to School

Welcome back!  As I’ve noted before, this week I started my summer session back at Oregon State University.  I will have the same course load as my previous quarter, but cut a little shorter.  Therefore, I will unfortunately need to spend more time on my studies than making my projects at the moment.  However, as my course load levels out, I’ll dive right back in.  In the meantime, this blog will quickly focus on what I’ve been working on at school.

Course 1: Introduction to Computer Science II

This course is basically an extension off learning the basics of C++ from last quarter. This course really focuses in on giving us a general problem we need to solve without giving too much away.  This will help me hone my problem solving skills when writing code for games, so I’m excited to dive in and confront the challenges my professors throw at me.

In addition, this will help me grow my programming skills in C++; something I will need to program my third project (currently unannounced).  I’m excited to get started on it and can’t wait to share it with all of you as soon as I have something for you to experience.

Course 2: Computer Architecture & Assembly Language

A little nervous when starting out this course, this delves even deeper into the computer than any language like C, C++, Java, C#, etc..  This almost gets down to the actual hardware of the computer commanding individual electrical signals to fire.

So far, I’ve just started working learning the different pieces of the computer and how each relays information to each other.  It’s crazy to think how we’ve made such complex machines (and I’m sure my PC is just the the surface of what we can make today).  To make a series of bits flipping on and off translate to amazing experiences that can take people’s breath away just fascinates me.

The assembly language we are learning is for x86 Processors.  I’ve already learned some basics assembly language concepts and am really liking it.  Sure, it takes even longer to do something through code, but now I have a concrete idea of the physical place all the stuff I’m coding is being placed on the computer.

Relating this to game-making, I’m really excited to get my hands dirty with low-level code.  This will give me even more control of my games for things like optimization and speed.  The more I understand about how this box of plastic, metal, and electricity works, the better I can make my games for you guys.  I cannot wait until I get there, but I’m still excited to learn the basics so I can build my games from the ground up!

For the Future:

I cannot set a solid date when I’ll get back to working on my Battleship project, but my projection is at least a couple of weeks.  This is mainly because I have events almost every weekend this summer and need to use my time wisely studying.

Other than that, not much else from me here.  I hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll talk with you again this Friday!


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