Blog Post 5: Merging of Two Awesome Tools

Hello again!  As my Fall quarter at Oregon State University is underway, I am organizing homework and lectures so I can continue working on personal projects again.  This week, I feel everything is stabilizing, so I can focus more on improving my Portfolio.

After completing my Battleship game, I began to focus on my next experimental experience next.  I do not want to give out too much information as I want it to be something you discover as you begin the experience.

That being said, I will still update you on everything going on on the back side of the things.  For starters, I can say that I will be using Epic Games’s Unreal Engine 4 for this project and will use my C++ experience gained from OSU to code my project.

I felt this transition was inevitable.  I really love C++ for how it manages memory and gives you more control over what you are coding, though I can’t speak much now as I just have the basics down.  In addition, the Unreal Engine can create some pretty damn beautiful environments not to mention is used to build one of my favorite games.

To prepare for all of this, I am beginning to research implementing C++ with the Unreal Engine.  In addition, I am also researching my game’s background to create a high concept document for this experience to nail down my ideas.  Once these are complete, I can then start building my game.

The last tidbit of information I can offer you for this game right now is that it will be an interactive experience in VR.  However, when I post this to my website, I will make it accessible to people without the hardware as well.

Other than that, that pretty much wraps up what I’ve been doing.  My main focus is still to concentrate on my school, but I am hoping to have something available for you to look at by the end of this year.  Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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