Blog Post 6: The Audio Update

Hello.  It has been a while since I have last updated my website with new information.  The reason being is that I was focusing on my education.  Though I would’ve had more projects done, they wouldn’t do me any good if I didn’t get A’s in my classes.

Now, classes are finally over until January.  I’m planning on using this time to focus mostly on my new VR Project.  Now, I do not want to give too much away yet, but what I can say is that this project will include the use of music.

I will use this music to change the environment based on the frequency of the song.  At first, I wanted to try to do this manually.  Then, not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I looked in Unreal if this was already accessible.  The good news: they had it.  The bad news: you could not publish a game using it because a bug in their engine.  Darn.

I scoured the internet as I was sure that there were many, many other games that tried to do this same thing, and to my delight, I found that a user named eXi not only had this plugin, but you could publish you game using it.  Yes!  In addition, thanks to my classes I’m taking at OSU, I was able to parse his code to understand what was going on.  He offered plenty of functions to get me started; I just needed to connect it to my game.  The result of this can be seen below:


This spectrum analyzer takes the frequency in the song and displays this visually.  This is an integral part of my game and will affect a lot of the assets I add to the level.  By separating the frequency out, I can see visually how to attach what frequency to what object.  I can also change my inputs to amplitude instead of frequency or take a specific frequency from the song to modify something ingame.

This is really exciting for me and my first big milestone for making progress toward completing this game.

Moving on, I will build a couple more tools for myself so they can be added to objects as I go with little hassle.  Then, I’m going to hook up my character to the controller so I can move around the level to experience how each gameplay mechanic I program feels.  There will be a lot of iteration on this as I haven’t even seen a professional game designer hit the feeling on the head yet.  I’m hoping to finish the hub level of this game by the end of December so I can put it on my profile.

Now that I am out of school, I’m hoping to devote most of my time to building this game.  I’ll update all of you this Friday about what I accomplished this week  without giving too much away (games are more fun if you experience them rather than read about them anyway!).

Until then, thanks for stopping by.  I’ll talk to you later this week.


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