Phillip A. Sturtevant

Back in the day, I first experienced the wonderful world of video games when I was 4 or 5 years old.  Every Christmas, my family would go over to my cousin’s house where they had their NES with Super Mario Bros. 3.  I thought it was so much fun to play with my sisters and cousins!  Then, one Christmas, they gave us an N64.  This blew my mind at how you could explore vast worlds and solve puzzles.

Though we could only play this on weekends, I would always love to immerse myself in worlds like the Mushroom Kingdom, Grunty’s Lair or Hyrule.  I felt that this was something more to me than just a game; this was something that I was really good at and I could go on these crazy adventures all just within a couple hours.  However, when I grew up, I knew I didn’t want to play them all the time.  I knew they were just a pastime, but I had the urge to want to help people in the real world and solve puzzles just as I had done in my games.

This passion originally directed me to Mechanical Engineering.  Though I solved many problems with engineering, it lacked that personal connection with the people.  Though I could change people’s lives with engineering, it still lacked that direct connection to them while working.

As an avid gamer, I have felt the powerful emotional impact video games can create in a person.  Coupled with my passion in engineering for creating something challenging, but rewarding, I found my passion would be honed when designing and programming video games.  To affirm these thoughts, I began exploring the world of programming in 2015 by teaching myself C# while working as an engineer in the industry.  I fell in love with programming and knew I wanted to pursue this career.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science to learn the foundations I need to create these experiences.  I aspire to work as a Gameplay Programmer, creating environments for the player that evoke joy, excitement, and fear in worlds that take their breath away.  However, I’d love to try out other positions as well as I enter the industry because, in the end, I really just want to help bring these worlds to people to enjoy!  Creating these experiences for people is a perfect balance between logic and art and these skills are something I look forward to perfecting for the rest of my life.