Below are blog posts about current projects I’m working on.  Keep checking back every now and then!  I try to update what I’ve been doing weekly.

Blog Post 6: The Audio Update - Hello.  It has been a while since I have last updated my website with new information.  The reason being is that I was focusing on my education.  Though I would’ve had more projects done, they wouldn’t do me any good if I didn’t get A’s in my classes.
Blog Post 5: Merging of Two Awesome Tools - Hello again!  As my Fall quarter at Oregon State University is underway, I am organizing homework and lectures so I can continue working on personal projects again.  This week, I feel everything is stabilizing, so I can focus more on improving my Portfolio.
Blog Post 4: Battleship Version 1 Complete - Hello and it’s good to be back.  Well, the weekly updates were well intentioned, but once I entered the Summer quarter back at Oregon State University, that became more of a pipe dream.  To help you all follow my blog easier, I’ve added an RSS Link to the Blog page so you can drop by […]
Blog Post 3: Back to School - Welcome back!  As I’ve noted before, this week I started my summer session back at Oregon State University.  I will have the same course load as my previous quarter, but cut a little shorter.  Therefore, I will unfortunately need to spend more time on my studies than making my projects at the moment.  However, as […]
Blog Post 2: Under the Hood - Welcome back!  If you’re reading this, I must’ve piqued your interest, so great!  This will probably be the last week I can devote a large majority of my time to my project as I begin my summer session back at Oregon State this Monday.  I’ll keep working on my project here and there, but keep […]
Blog Post 1: A New Beginning - Hello! Before I get started, let me cover a couple of things. This being my first blog post, it may be a little longer than future publishings.  Also, I’ll break my posts up into different days of the week for ease of reading.  Let’s get started!