Whether you stumbled here, or came here purposefully, welcome!  The projects and blog posts you see are some of the things I’ve been working on.  My goal as a Gameplay Programmer is to create fun and unique experiences for the player just like you.

Try out some games or keep up to date with my blog!  I’ll keep adding more information weekly.  If you want to talk, send me an e-mail or drop me a line!  Other than that, I hope you enjoy these experiences I’ve created!

Featured Projects


This game was built while at Monterey Peninsula College (MPC). After leaving the course, this game was optimized with improved functionality.

Unannounced VR Project

Currently in development, I am experimenting with the capabilities of VR to help bring a deep, immersive experience to to my work.

Recent Blog Posts

Blog Post 6: The Audio Update - Hello.  It has been a while since I have last updated my website with new information.  The reason being is that I was focusing on my education.  Though I would’ve had more projects done, they wouldn’t do me any good if I didn’t get A’s in my classes.
Blog Post 5: Merging of Two Awesome Tools - Hello again!  As my Fall quarter at Oregon State University is underway, I am organizing homework and lectures so I can continue working on personal projects again.  This week, I feel everything is stabilizing, so I can focus more on improving my Portfolio.
Blog Post 4: Battleship Version 1 Complete - Hello and it’s good to be back.  Well, the weekly updates were well intentioned, but once I entered the Summer quarter back at Oregon State University, that became more of a pipe dream.  To help you all follow my blog easier, I’ve added an RSS Link to the Blog page so you can drop by […]