Whether you stumbled here, or came here purposefully, welcome!  The projects and blog posts you see are some of the things I’ve been working on.  My goal as a Gameplay Programmer is to create fun and unique experiences for the player just like you.

Try out some games or keep up to date with my blog!  I’ll keep adding more information weekly.  If you want to talk, send me an e-mail or drop me a line!  Other than that, I hope you enjoy these experiences I’ve created!

Featured Projects


Project created while at MPC. Continued to improve and polish after completed course.

The Quest

This project was created from my “Head First C#” book back in 2015.  I am planning on expanding the original features of the game to create something of my own.

Recent Blog Posts

Blog Post 3: Back to School - Welcome back!  As I’ve noted before, this week I started my summer session back at Oregon State University.  I will have the same course load as my previous quarter, but cut a little shorter.  Therefore, I will unfortunately need to spend more time on my studies than making my projects at the moment.  However, as […]
Blog Post 2: Under the Hood - Welcome back!  If you’re reading this, I must’ve piqued your interest, so great!  This will probably be the last week I can devote a large majority of my time to my project as I begin my summer session back at Oregon State this Monday.  I’ll keep working on my project here and there, but keep […]
Blog Post 1: A New Beginning - Hello! Before I get started, let me cover a couple of things. This being my first blog post, it may be a little longer than future publishings.  Also, I’ll break my posts up into different days of the week for ease of reading.  Let’s get started!